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Over 450 square meters of music, games, DVD’s, books, magazines, accessories and MP3's.
You can find a huge collection of Greek and International CD’s, all the new releases and a wide range of specialist music, i.e. classical music, new age, ethnic music, soundtracks, easy listening.
We have an enormous selection of film and music DVD’s, including various boxed sets and a range of specialist DVD’s.
We are well stocked with the latest releases in iPods, X-Box, PlayStation and Game Boy Advance games.

The novelty is that here, you can also find a very good selection of books and magazines, and a big selection of theme t-shirts, caps and mags.

The shop has a variety of promotional offers on games, CD’s and DVD’s.
Believe me, this shop is a must see!!!
The shop features its own Apple section where anyone can find all the latest Apple products including desktop computers, laptops and iPods.
The following pictures were taken from the shop's Apple section.
Opening Hours
Monday 09:00-19:00    
Tuesday 09:00-19:00    
Wednesday 09:00-14:00    
Thursday 09:00-19:00    
Friday  09:00-20:00    
Saturday 09:00-14:30