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Use this compact, convenient USB-based adapter to charge your iPod at home, on the road, or whenever your iPod is not connected to a computer.







For the traveler, charge your iBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, or iPod from most electrical outlets around the world with a set of six power adapter AC plugs designed to fit your portable power adapter.
The World Travel Adapter Kit includes a set of six AC plugs with prongs that fit different electrical outlets around the world. For world travelers, this is the perfect kit to ensure power connectivity in most countries you may travel to. The Kit is designed to work with (and requires) the white portable power adapter that ships with iBook, MacBook Pro, and PowerBook G4, and it also works with the iPod USB Power Adapter and iPod FireWire Power Adapter (available separately). The AC plugs included in the World Travel Adapter Kit directly support outlets in North America, Japan, China, United Kingdom, Continental Europe, Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong.
Compatible with power adapters for iBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4, iPod USB Power Adapter, and iPod FireWire Power Adapter.

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